Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loud Mouth

It's not uncommon for most gnomes to assume that being a Loud Mouth is not a good trait. After all, when somegnome gets interrupted during a fun spirited chatty conversation, or woken from a late afternoon nap on a sunny rock, there is almost always a Loud Mouth to blame. And no gnome likes it when another speaks so loud they can not hear their own thoughts. However, this cutie is a well-known Loud Mouth, but for all the right reasons. She knows there are times when somegnome needs to speak-up, like when you know the right (or even wrong) answer to a question, or when you're encouraging another gnome to be as tall as he can be, or when you're singing a joyous song as you frolic through the woods. Before she speaks, she wonders if her thought is something that should stay inside her thinking bubble, and if not... then how loud (or quietly as the case may be) should she share it? Go ahead, be the best and loudest mouth you can be, but remember that your actions will ALWAYS be louder than your words.

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