Wednesday, June 29, 2011

As Tall as a Giraffe

From the moment this gnomette saw her first giraffe, she was in love. She was sure that no other creature could be as graceful or magestic as the giraffe, not to mention inspiring! After all, for a gnome who is so big in a world that expects her to be so small, a tall giraffe makes for a perfect role model. Imagine how grand it would feel to be that tall! What would she be able to see from way up there? The tops of the trees? Beyond the garden walls? Perhaps the inside of a cloud or two? And to think, everygnome would look up to her (little does she know that they already do)! Perhaps if she just thinks about being tall, then someday she might very well be. Think tall thoughts, little gnomie. I think it's working already!

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