Monday, June 13, 2011


Have you ever thought that you know everything there is to know? Not this little fellow. He just wasn't satisfied with all the things there is to know about the garden life he and his friends have. He knew there was more out there, even beyond the garden wall and the big blue river, and he wanted to learn about it! Not only did he want to see what's out there, he wanted to learn HOW it all works too. And look what he found - a string of lights! Won't the gnomes back home be impressed? He's excited to tell them about how he discovered a world of high tech inventions galore. They taught him that P=IV and V=IR and since he strongly believes with every micro-ounce of his body that Knowledge is Power... does that mean Knowledge is proportional to Resistance? Hmmm... maybe there's some fuzzy math in there? Perhaps he just forgot to divide by two or carry the one?

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