Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Musical Gnotes

Long ago this little gnomette discovered that when she sings to her precious Olive tree, the tiny tree seems to grow stronger. Needless to say, she quickly fell in love so she made it her goal to find the best music out there to bring it back to her garden to help her little tree thrive. She ventures far and wide to hear gnew music and old music she knows and loves. She goes to big places and small places, collecting cherry music gnotes along the way. She can often be seen sitting on warm Red Rocks soaking in the melodies around her, and most certainly can be found at the Meter High Music Festival. When she is satisfied with her new discoveries, she brings the beautiful musical gnotes she has found back to the garden with her to give to her loved ones. Though she loves showing the music she has discovered with anygnome who comes within her site, she always looks forward to sharing it with her special Olive tree the most. And my gosh, has the tree flourished because of her love!

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