Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Magic of Living

There are many things this little lady loves, like angels, animals, crochet, and yes… flowers. Spend even one moment with this dear soul and you’ll see that she loves more than just that. She lives life itself. You may have heard the Gnomish rules of how to live a good life. Live. Love. Laugh. It’s as simple as that. Those in the Gnomish community are so wise, aren’t they? This spirited soul, though, takes it even one tiny step further. Not only does she truly live, but she dances like gno gnome is watching. She sings like gno gnome is listening. She lives like there will be gno more sunrises. It goes withouts saying that rumors of her lifestyle have spread far and wide. Countless songs and poems have been written about her life philosophy, and it’s gno wonder why. When you live life to the fullest, that’s where the magic really happens. Life? It’s magic.

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