Friday, January 16, 2015

Seasoned Adventurer

For such a tiny gnome, this fella sure does have a big sense of adventure! He travels as much as possible and makes the best out of all four seasons. He LOVES them all! He skates, skis and sleds in the winter. He dances in the rain in the spring. He swims in as many lakes as possible every summer. And of course, he enjoys finding the most colorful leaves every fall. He really does amazing and has made the best gnome possible of himself. If there was anything that could make this gnome any happier, it would be a family of loved ones to join him on his seasonal adventures. One would have to be the smartest, most kindhearted soul he knows, truly having a heart of gold. It would be fun if another could show him all that is fashionable and everything trendy. And, last but not least, one who is just loving life, being the best she can be. And guess what! It looks like he might have found one with a perfect fit! Now with a family to join him, the possible adventures are endless and the best season to begin is now!

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