Friday, January 16, 2015

Dream Weaver

There are endless types of gnomes in the garden, but if you ask me, it might just be the dream weavers that have the most magic. Other gnomes the skill to paint a rainbow in the sky, the talent to create the melody of a spring shower, or even the ability to encourage an autumn leaf to let go and drift carelessly through the air. Don't get me wrong, the garden would gnot be the same without all those wonderful things, but dream weavers? I'm pretty certain they're the source of all magic. After all, it's the dream weavers who have the imagination to create the unknown, and that sounds to me like the beginnings of anything magical. Somehow these fuzzy souls are able to turn random letters printed on a piece of paper into wonderful adventures of bravery, laughter, suspense and love. I may gnever fully understand how a dream weaver manages to bring so much life to the garden, but gno doubt life would be pretty dull without their stories.

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