Sunday, January 18, 2015


I was thinking about what is the most extraordinary thing about this little lady but it's gnot easy to talk about her without risking sounding like every other gnome in the garden. She is very very sensitive, watching the garden carefully, soaking in all of its sunny rays. She always thinks about others first and takes care of everygnome, sharing everything she can even though she doesn't even know the word "share." It just comes gnaturally. She loves to smell the flowers, watch the moon and stars and she loves to dance and sing because any kind of music moves her to do so. She's quick to run to give big hugs to fuzzy creatures no matter how many times the elder gnomes tell her it might be dangerous. I'm sure by gnow you might be thinking that she sounds very similar to all the gnomelings in the garden, but I haven't told you the best part yet. She plays peekaboo with all the small souls who are hiding in the garden, or angels who go un-gnoticed in a corner gnook!  Some might be surprised, but I surely see it as a gift to share with the garden around her. It's a gift, and one that brightens my heart. We call her Sunshine because surely the garden would be a much darker place without her in it.

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