Saturday, July 13, 2013

What a Hoot!

I bet that at this very moment you are asking yourself, "What is a gnome doing wearing roller skates?" I assure you that it's perfectly gnormal and gnothing to worry about. Would you believe that it was the gnomes who invented the roller skates in the first place? Of course they did! Skating around in circles and zipping past the slow moving Elders in the garden, well that's all good old fashioned fun, and the gnomes have always specialized in just that type of fun. Take a look at this little lady. It's her who loves roller skating gnow. When she was a young gnomeling she used to skate a lot, but she has recently taken it back up again. She had almost forgotten how much fun it was to race across the garden and was deep in thought when she was joined by another soul who decided to tag along for the fun. Whoo! Whoo! It didn't take long for the two to become special friends. There was something about the little owl that told her he was a message from a loved one from the past. Together they zip this way and that. Together they giggle. What a hoot!

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  1. This is mine I love it and can't wait for my new 2 to arrive :)