Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spider Gnome

There are all sorts of heroes in the garden, and some of them may gnot get the glamourous attention that they deserve. This brave soul definitely fits in that category. His loved ones call him the Spider Gnome. They call him that because he is always having to rescue the spiders from those around him. When others may try to just smash the poor creatures, he tries to save them. Unlike most, he knows that spiders are good. Spiders are our friends, even though it is often way too difficult to remember, especially if they sneak up on you from behind. Spiders should know better than to do such creepy things like that. With all the misunderstand that surrounds them, these spiders sure are thankful to have the Spider Gnome on their side. The creepy crawly critters can rest a wee more peacefully knowing that he is covering their backs.

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