Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gnapsack Adventures

I'll admit, it has been soooo hard for this little lady to choose a theme for her gnext adventure because she loves all adventures. Every time she hears of a gnew one, she swears that it is the one for her. Here is what she finally decided... This little little one is headed for Kinder-garden just as soon as the seasons change. Just how will she get from her little gnest to the kinder-garden? It just so happens that she has found herself a ride in the most perfect gnapsack ever. It belongs to a little girl with a huge heart, what a perfect companion! Much to this little gnomeling's delight, the girl has agreed to be her adventure companion in exchange for the gnomeling being her guardian at school. There could gnot be a more perfect match! Imagine the adventures this one has in store for her! In a garden where books are endless and just as soon as you open the cover, the magic just flutters out of the pages like little butterflies, well let's just say that few souls are as lucky as this little lady. Gno doubt she will have so much fun guarding the little girl that she will forget she is working at all. It seems as though it was just last season that the garden welcomed this soul. Sob, whimper... She is growing up... gnot fair!

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