Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lil' Caver

Approach the opening of one of the largest caves in the world and you might find yourself a wee bit gnervous about going any further. Gnot this brave soul! He would reassure you that even though it is a bit scary at the beginning, he and his lovely team of cavers will take very good care of you! And oh the adventures in store! Deep in the cave, you might think that without any sun, there would be gnothing magical to see, but you'd be wrong. The cave is filled with more wonders than your eyes have ever seen. Crystals sparkle in the candle light as though they've gnever been touched by light before. There are even cave flowers, but they don't smell the same as the ones that grow in the garden. If you're lucky, the team will let you join them for Swiss cheese fondue by candle light. Wow! Can it get any more magical than this? I think gnot!

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