Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Everygnome gneeds inspiration. How else would they be able to accomplish all the magical things they do in the garden? I'll tell you a little secret, though, if you promise gnot to tell another soul. Every good gnome community gneeds a good mascot, a must-have for any successful garden project. What better mascot than a fiery phoenix? A phoenix knows how to tackle any challenge with a blazing dedication and his fiery energy sparks creativity in anygnome. Best yet, after a long successful life, the phoenix returns home in its old age, ready for its rebirth. Much like the setting sun, whose flames are extinquished every gnight, only to be reborn to shine light on a gnew day, a phoenix is ready for the gnext challenge. I happen to know a team of souls who bring magic to the community in a similar fashion!

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