Friday, September 16, 2011

Guardian of the Rings

No gnome has ever had a more important job than this brave soul. He has been entrusted to guard two magical rings of eternity with his tiny life. He proudly accepted the challenge only a few moons ago, but he has never doubted his commitment to such a noble cause, for these rings are bonded together by love and are destined for a couple who proves themselves worthy. The prince must have the power to calm the princess even when no one else can. The princess must be unique, unlike any other, yet be completely comfortable in her own skin around him. They must be able to love each other even after sharing all their past skeletons, and they must each learn those highly secret details that are often kept locked away. Most importantly, they must both feel loved and special beyond any magical spell. If a prince and his princess can prove their bond worthy, the Guardian of the Rings shall sense the strength of their love and release the rings to their care. And so, the dragon gnome proudly guards his treasure closely, until one day...

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  1. ♥ Thank you a million times over. I can't wait to propose to him!!