Sunday, September 25, 2011

Keeper of the Cobwebs

Once upon a Hallow's Eve, this little fella had a funny little fear. He used to be scared of cobwebs! He knew that cobwebs were a silly thing to fear. It's not like they jump out and grab you or even make scary sounds in the middle of the gnight. Even though he was able to laugh it off, he just could not stop thinking that somehow those cobwebs were watching him. Then one day he met a tiny little friend named Itsy who showed him that it's all a matter of perspective. They're not cobwebs if a spider lives in them, are they? You're right, Itsy! They're just plain old spider webs if you're there too! And so a gnometastic friendship was formed, but the little gnome still kept a close eye on those cobwebs to make sure they behaved.

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