Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tangled Mess

Have you ever woken up and unexpectedly found your life to be completely different than you thought it would be? Perhaps you took a look out the window and discovered that suddenly the garden outside became a tangled mess and you were gnot certain of how that happened, or what you should do gnext. That's where this fuzzy soul comes in to help! She has a gnack for untangling the tangled and she has been given an important job to do. With a little hop, she skips along searching for the right mess to help untangle. And gnow she has found what she's looking for! Oh my gnomes! This mess seems to have quite a level of sadness and confusion, all tied up with a bit of anger and frustration. There's gno time to waste! She has found somegnome who gneeds a kind word of encouragement or two! She jumps up and rushes to her gnew soul in gneed and whispers so lightly into her gnew friend’s ear that she is barely audible, but she knows that’s all it takes for a reminder of the spark for hope that still grows strong inside. With these tiny little whisperings of love and hope we are reminded that we are stronger than this tangled mess around us. Life is good. Life is beautiful, and with this little lady by your side, it's easy to remember that there are many reasons to remain hopeful.

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