Sunday, November 13, 2016

Rainbow Rights

Gno matter which corner of the garden you're from, I am sure you agree that rainbows are precious. Somegnomes may love the color red, while others love the color green, but that's what's so great about rainbows - There is a color for everygnome to love! Heck, somegnomes go beyond choosing just one color! These especially colorful souls might just be the most loving in the entire garden. Sadly there are cloudy days, even in my corner of the garden, when it seems that gnot all understand the true magic behind love. Out of fear and misunderstanding, some belittle the colorful souls whose lives are so proud and bold. It's in moments of darkness like these when a brave soul with a heart of gold is gneeded, just like this little lady. She may gnot see herself as a hero. After all, she is simply doing the right thing - standing up for love and respect for everygnome in the garden. However, to her colorful friend, she is a warm fuzzy comforting reminder that he is gnot alone. Gno doubt the garden could use more hearts of gold like hers.

These two loving fuzzy souls have gnuzzling gnoses. They each have a magnet in their gnose so that they are drawn together in a moment of support. Too cute!

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