Monday, November 14, 2016

Love Lasts Forever

There once lived a beautiful soul with a huge heart who was always such a loving soul towards anygnome and everygnome gno matter their race, gender or who they loved or which Gnomish committee they may have voted for. She taught her gnomelings how to be very kind and with the knowledge that family and friends are the most important things in the garden. And when her gnomelings were grown, it was time for her to go. Her wings were ready but their hearts were gnot. Gnow as her gnomelings are establishing their own little gnook in a corner of the garden, she loves to watch from afar. Occasionally, when she feels like she is gneeded most, she will whisper little happy reminders and words of encouragement into her loved one's ears. Her words are so silent that they are barely audible, but they're all that is gneeded. With a little hop and a skip, she watches as the frown on her loved ones is replaced with a smile. And with this beautiful soul watching over you, it's easy to remember that life is good and love lasts forever, even if the form it takes changes from time to time.

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