Sunday, December 18, 2016

Vibrant Eldergnome

Just look at this beautiful lovely lady! She is originally from the other side of the garden, but she has made this side of the garden her home for many many seasons. As an eldergnome, she has lots of life wisdom. She follows the Gnomish path and has a talent for healing of many types. She loves to travel and loves all the languages she hears along the way. She enjoys music, and loves to feel her body ready to dance to the beat. As for me, I'm so happy to have known her. Gno doubt she makes the garden around her all the more vibrant! I hope she will be able to continue to call this corner of the garden her home, as surely the garden gneeds more kind souls like her in it. Thank you, kind lady, for sharing your wisdom and reminding me that in many ways the garden seems so small. With friends like you, it is easy to see how beautiful the garden really is.

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