Sunday, December 18, 2016

Plaid Gnuzzles

To say that this little fuzzy fella is hard working and easy going, just doesn't do him justice. He loves learning gnew things and working on personal projects, but most of all he loves being loyal and making his loved ones laugh with his sharp sense of humor. Spend even a few moments of time with him and it's easy to see how open minded he is. Don't let his tiny little body fool you... he is filled with more love than you can imagine, and he is excited to share that love with anygnome who finds a connection with him. Finding such great connections seems to come easy for him. Perhaps it is because he is so good at reading other souls and empathizing with their stories? Or maybe it is because of his wonderful deep eyes and good hugs? I happen to think the magic is in his gnuzzles. Relaxing and gnuzzling up gnext to this fuzzy soul, leaves one feeling ridiculously relaxed and content. There might gnot be a better reminder that life is good and love is infinite.

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