Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wee Artist

Take even a quick glance at this little lady's work and you know you've found something special. In fact, I would be willing to bet that it's nearly impossible to not find your glance lingering into longer moments of awe. Is that really a painting or is it a photo? How. Does. She. Do. That?! I'll let you in on her little secret. She has been an artist since she was a very little gnomeling, always drawing, painting, creating something! Take gnote for even though her body seems quite small, I assure you that her soul is bigger than big. And when her body doesn't seem like it can keep up, her art plays a big part of her getting back to being magical, back to being herself. There may be a moment or two when she is frustrated that things are a bit harder for her gnow because she is not "gnormal" like many of the other young gnomes in the garden, but I think she's meant for more than gnormal. She's extraordinary! Her personality brings joy and happiness to everygnome around her. Her artwork and creativity make the garden a more colorful, beautiful place. And when she smiles or laughs, it is like sunshine! She is going to continue to be amazing, gno matter what life throws at her. Gno doubt the garden is lucky to have such a beautiful soul in it as she.

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