Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just Me and Gramma

Me and Gramma have adventures like you would gnot believe! I know with every ounce of my body that there is gnothing Gramma wouldn't do for me. We have so much fun and WOW what an imagination we have! She knows all about Gnomish magic because she grew up in a wee village where the gnomes roam free! She is the smartest gnome in all the garden! She knows lots of stuff like how to love the beauty of flowers, sunrises and sunsets. Oh! And BOOKS!!! It's her job to read the books and my job to listen, but one season soon I'll be big enough to read to her! My loved ones call me Hunter because I love to hunt out adventures. Gramma is my adventure buddy! We build things, play with farm animals, bake tasty treats, plant flowers (I bring her flowers all the time because I like her smile), even have sleepovers with movies, popcorn and the works! If there is an adventure we haven't had, gno doubt we'll do it before the season is through! My Gramma says I'm the light of her life, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I tell her I love her all the time and I can see that it melts her heart so I know she feels the same. My Gramma's greatest love is me and my greatest love is her. We are so lucky!

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