Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Unexpected Trio

Once upon a garden there lived a wee witch with a pet spider. Her spider was a friendly little soul who was always so happy to crawl all over the wee witch's hat. And whenever the spider crawled around, the wee witch couldn't help but giggle and giggle because it would tickle her so much. As you can imagine, the little pet spider brought the wee witch lots of smiles. As such, one day she decided that she wanted to do something special in return, and she knew exactly what to do. She hopped excitedly over to the pumpkin patch to pick a perfect pumpkin to carve out for her tiny eight legged friend. Wouldn't a jack-o-lantern be the perfect home for her spider? After much searching she found the perfect pumpkin but when she went to pick it up, it wiggled and giggled to get out of her hands. What the heck? That's not a pumpkin at all! Silly gnome. Was the pumpkin mad? Heck no! Instead the pumpkin was an instant completion to the trio that the witch & spider didn't know they were searching for. Magic has a way of working like that.

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