Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ladybug Charm

Spend even just a moment with this tiny gnomeling and it's apparent that she is full of Grace. Even the air seems to be filled with the cheerful sounds of Harp music, but I assure you that's just the Charming effect she has on the garden around her. Gno doubt she is the happiest gnomeling, with the biggest and brightest personality that the garden has ever seen. Don't let her small size fool you! You can already tell she is going to have such a big heart for someone who is expected to be so small. If any of her loved ones are having a bad day, she can always put a smile on their faces - even the crankiest of souls young and old! Her Charm doesn't stop there, for it seems she is always being visited by ladybugs. Everygnome knows that ladybugs are special. They remind the Gnomish of the Elders who are gno longer with us. Only the most kind and most beautiful souls get visited by ladybugs, and almost as soon as her loved ones were expecting her arrival, they started finding ladybugs in her gnest! She's the garden's little ladybug with a big bright personality! Gno doubt she is blessed, as is the garden for having her in it.

The name Harper means "Harp Player"
The name Grace means "Charm"

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