Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pumpkins Great and Small

Once upon a garden there lived a Tutor and his Student. Some say that the Tutor was a father and the Student was his son wanting to be like Daddy when he grew up. Some say the Tutor and Student were sisters and the youngest wanted to be just like her Sissy. Gnognome really knows for sure where the Gnomish Legend comes from but it is one that is repeated by campfire and passed down from Elders to Gnomelings every time the Autumn season appears. As Legend has it, the Tutor was tall and wise and the Student was smaller and eager to learn as much as gnomingly possible. As you can imagine, there were some times when the Tutor was able to accomplish something great that the Student simply could gnot. It was then that the Student became very sad indeed for he did gnot think he could do great things like his Tutor. Alas, the Tutor sat gnext to his small friend and explained that all acts of greatness start with one small step. Pumpkins Great and Small all have the same beginnings. The Tutor explained that all the Student gneeded to do to become great was to take a small step in that direction. Then another. And another. Soon he, too, would be so big in a garden that expects him to be so small. And so the Student stood up as tall and proud as he could. Legend has it he grew an entire centimeter that day! Such wisdom from both of these souls - Pumpkins Great and Small.

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