Thursday, September 12, 2013


At first glance, you might be surprised that this little fella loves baseball, but he can't help it. From the moment he saw the Pirates, they became his team! This season has been especially exciting for him and his fellow Pirates fans as this is their first winning season since even the elders can remember. Oh, well, ok... It hasn't been quite that long, but still. You get the point. They actually have a great shot at making the playoffs, which has this wee fella jumping up and down (on one leg, of course) with excitement. Trust me, that's quite a site. You can't help but smile. As the season continues, I'm sure you'll hear him yelling is "ARRRGGGHHH!!!!" in support of his team, and if you ever hear him yell "RAISE THE JOLLY ROGER!!" then you know that means the Pirates have won. As they should.

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