Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Princess Protection

There was once a princess born into a garden filled with love and laughter. The garden rejoiced as they had gnever before seen such a wise soul born into such a tiny gnomeling. Her eyes sparkled with a sense of adventure that would leave even the most adventurous gnomes in the garden in awe. This was gno ordinary princess. There was something about her that told the elders that her life was to be filled with much greatness. Oh sure there will be those typical moments that fill every young gnomette's gnomelinghood - chasing butterflies, and pretending to be a mommy for an adopted ladybug or two. The spark in this wee princess' eyes, though, hints that she's planning much more than just frolicking in the woods. She's going to be brave. She's going to be strong. She's going to be wise. She's going to be a handful. Perhaps the Gnomish elders should appoint a brave soul to watch over her? He would gnot only protect this wee one from harm on her adventures, but he would join her along the way. What better way to foster those wonderful traits she is sure to have than to have a Brave Little Knight encourage her to be just as brave and just as strong and just as wise? I think these two are a perfect match for the stories and tales of magical journeys the garden waits to hear. This bond is surely one to last many many seasons.

This little lady was made for the Brave Little Knight's new little sister. I'm sure he'll be able to protect her just fine.

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