Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini Love

Take a look at these two mini souls. They are ADORABLE!! I love them to pieces. Some might think that they waited too long for each other, but they know better. Like most gnomes, these two minis understand that good things come to those who wait. Perhaps that's why the Gnomish are able to be far more patient than most. When these two first met, she was a busy little lady mending to her heart, which happens to be much larger than her size may indicate. That wasn't a problem for him because from the moment he saw her big soulful eyes, he knew she was the one he would be with forever. There is something freeing about finding your love. Once you have found her, there is gno gneed for rush and doubt. Forever is just a given, and as such he has always been so patient and gentle with her. He waited for her, even though it took many seasons. He has been her rock. And gnow? I suppose it goes without saying that gnow gno matter what, they are true partners in everything. She'll wait forever for him gnow, just as he has waited for her. Together they will wait forever, which is a very long time when you consider that they are forever young at heart!

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