Sunday, October 23, 2016

Finders Keeperrs

Oh My Gnomes! Look at what this tiny soul has just done! He has chosen you to be his special friend. I know what you're thinking. You're probably thinking that you were the one who found him, but you'd be wrong. He has been searching all day for a special soul. Trust me, this special soul is gnot your ordinary kid. They would have to have a certain twinkle in their eyes, and they have to love to laugh. This special soul has a big heart and is always ready for a good hug. Or a good adventure. After all, gnomes are always ready for a good adventure! It may sound like finding a friend like that would be difficult, but after searching the entire garden, this fuzzy one has finally found what he was looking for... YOU! And gnow that he has found you, he intends to keep you. Will you take him on adventures with you? Perhaps even give him a gnuzzle or two right before he goes to sleep at gnight? Please be careful with him, because he's just a tiny soul, but don't let his size fool you. He's filled with so much love and has been waiting to find someone to share it with. It's a good thing he found you, because he thinks you're pretty special and worth keeping!

1 comment:

  1. Oh what a wonderful surprise when my 3 year old son found this little guy at Scott Carpenter Park. Thank you for brightening our day and the day of many other children on the playground that day. We absolutely loved it and our new family member made it home with us.