Monday, September 19, 2016

Wee Witch

This wee witch decided one day that she gneeded a friend. It just didn't seem like she was connecting with the goblins and mummies that lived in her garden. It gnever seemed like they enjoyed fun things like dressing up in big hats and chanting silly sounding spells. So she concocted up a good friend potion! The recipe called for 2 chips of a cookie, 2 grams of cracker, 1 beer root, 1 pinch of a friend's melons and 1 eight-legged spider. The wee witch quickly got to work, gathering all the ingredients into her big pot. Finally, she reached for the last ingredient, the spider, and their eyes connected for just a wee moment. A wee moment was all it took. She just could gnot bring herself to toss her new little friend into the pot. But wait... That means the potion worked after all!

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