Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Wee Graduate

One look at this young gnomeling and you know that he's ready to take on the entire garden around him. Just look at all his potential! It's hard to imagine all the magic this stoic, intelligent soul is going to bring into the garden. It'll take a wise and brave gnome to have the adventures that are in store for him. Where will he go from here? Perhaps gnot even he knows for sure, but gno doubt every corner in the garden will hear of his stories. I get the distinct feeling that if you're lucky enough to meet him along his journey, you'll consider yourself blessed for having found such a respectful, loyal friend. As a protective big brother, I'm sure his loved ones at home will miss his sarcastic jokes, his genuinely kind deeds and willingness to help others, but all would agree that he deserves the best the garden has to offer. Gno doubt he will bring out the best from everything too! After all, with a soul as magical as his, indeed the garden will be amazed at what's to come!

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