Monday, December 22, 2014

Addie's Bronco Caterpillar Dragon (age 5)

Look who's ready for a celebration! All caterpillar dragons are well known for bringing in the new year, and this one is no exception. She loves a good excuse to celebrate, though she doesn't have to look far to find a good excuse. After all, there are many good causes for celebration hiding in plain sight. See how pretty the mountains are from here? Let's celebrate! Did you hear those church bells ringing? Let's celebrate! Did you notice that yummy smell of goodness? Let's celebrate! The Broncos scored a touchdown. Whoop! Whoop! Let's celebrate! You look like you could use a hug. Let me give you a great big squeeze and then we can celebrate! I have to say, I kind of like her way of looking at things. I think the freezing cold weather outside calls for a nice hot cup of tea. Who wants to celebrate with me?

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