Monday, August 4, 2014

Worry Whisperer

There is a beautiful soul who is the bravest person I know. She is stronger than her little body may seem and faces everything with such enthusiasm and determination. What's her secret? How does she do it? With all of the challenges she has been given, how does she manage to make it all look so easy? Well that's where this little gnomette comes in. She has been given a very important job to do, but she is so excited! For you see, this gnomette has been assigned to the beautiful girl to rid her of her worries. All the girl has to do is whisper her worries to this tiny gnomette and she wisks them off to a different world, far from this garden. She knows that the girl does not want to burden anyone too much, but this gnomette does not see it as a burden at all. She loves to feel helpful and seeing a calm smile appear on the girl's face will be the best thing she can imagine. She's even looking forward to the opportunity to whisper a little secret or two in return, tiny reminders that life is good. Life is beautiful and so are you.

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