Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dreidle Fun

Everygnome has heard about the Great Miracle that Happened in the sacred garden so many many seasons ago, but this little fella thinks the miracle is really found in the children's laughter when they play the dreidel game TODAY. He has seen their smiles as they watch the spinning toy come to a stop and treasures of golden chocolate are passed around. It didn't take long before this tiny gnome decided that's what he wants to do. He wants to bring smiles to children's faces too! He wants a piece of that chocolate yummy money too! And most of all, he wants in on the spinning! How fun would that be to spin over and over and over again, surrounded by dizzy visions of children's laughter? Without hesitation, he comes up with a plan, a disguise of sorts, and then he's off! Spinning faster than he thought was possible! Are those squeals of delight coming from the children or from his little dizzy body? It's so hard to tell! Ok, so perhaps he doesn't spin as fast as the real thing, but I think he gets points for trying!

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